Pat and Cheryl treat each horse as an individual, and tailor a program of racing, training, pre-training and spelling designed to help them reach their full potential.

As Pat prefers to have only a small team in work, owners and horses are not just a number, and personal attention is assured. We are able to offer the following services at our Epsom Lodge training facility, and through our network of trusted professionals.

1. Race Horse Training from our stables, using the facilities of the Mornington racecourse:
  • Three sand tracks
  • Two all-weather surfaces
  • Two grass tracks
  • Local jumpouts most weeks at Mornington or Balnarring
  • Horse pool
  • Treadmill

The range of facilities available at Mornington allows us to offer horses variety in their day to day work, and helps to keep them happy and interested in their work.

2. Pre-training and rehabilitation using several different methods and locations, offering a range of choices to suit individual requirements:
  • Water walker for low-impact exercise, brilliant for mental and physical freshening up
  • Beach work which gives the opportunity for low-impact resistance work trotting in the water, as well as ridden exercise on the shore
  • Ridden exercise on private training tracks, away from the hustle and bustle, great for early education and mental freshness, particularly for anxious horses
3. Agistment facilities of different types to suit various needs:
  • A quick break to freshen up in the paddock, yarded or boxed overnight
  • A long spell to grow and develop in a paddock with a shelter
  • Growing out young horses on the broad acre, with a few mates to encourage them to keep on the move and socialise
  • Under close supervision in a box or yard to recover from illness or injury

4. Breaking-in and education:
  • We have access to a number of excellent horsemen to break in our babies and provide early or remedial education as required.
5. Veterinary care and attention:

We have a vet available at trackwork each morning, as well as attending our stables each day. We also have access to the foremost equine specialists in their field, and state of the art diagnostic and treatment equipment. Our farrier calls in each day, and we have a range of specialists on call to provide extra services to each horse as they need it

  • Equine physiotherapist
  • Veterinary accupuncture and chiropractic adjustments (performed by a qualified veterinary surgeon)
  • Equine masseur
  • Dentist