Pat and I are looking forward to the challenge of scanning the catalogues and spending hours poring over them, analysing pedigrees, and trying to find the next champions for Epsom Lodge.

It is always most interesting and exciting time when the sales sites upload the photos and videos of the yearlings, but there is nothing to compare to seeing these beautiful, potential Equine Atheletes / Racehorses in the flesh!   We will be going to Magic Millions, Karaka in NZ, William Inglis Sales in both Melbourne and Sydney Easter.

An awful lot of research and planning goes into every yearling that we buy, so I thought I would give you an idea of how we go about selecting the Epsom Lodge yearling team….

Over the weeks leading up to a sale we do our preliminary research, looking through catalogues and websites, making phone calls, going on stud tours etc.  From there we develop a short-list with a budget for each horse and try to work out a marketing strategy that will suit individual clients from a personal and financial point if view.

At the sales we do our physical inspections, watching the horses parade and viewing them numerous times and always find something different each time we look at them in their stable.  Many times we have crossed something out, or had our eyes opened to something completely new based on what we have seen.  Pat is a keen student of breeding as well as having a real "eye" for a horse, whereas I am more drawn to the "type" of horse they are and look for that something "special" that sometimes looks back at you. We only ever buy a few each year, so we are very cautious and considered with our purchases.  We also take great care and time with our youngsters with a view of giving them every opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.







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